Resolution Events has been in business for over 7 years; our talent pool has

been with us from the outset and with over 40 years experience in

event & hotel management, travel, marketing, hospitality & team activities.

So... we visualise, inspire, develop, and bring ideas to life, using expertise & knowledge

spanning many market sectors & countries.

We also recognise that every discipline is specialist in its own right and therefore treat

each service with the same passion and knowledge scope.

"just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help in

organising this conference. Without you, this wouldn't have

materialised to what it is today and I am eternally grateful"

PA to Managing Director, Chello Media

We support clients to deliver any style of event in any location worldwide, from the

sensible to the sublime. In fact we've had a lot of debate about what we do -

in essence, we're thinkers that do and doers that think!

Whether it's helping to define and shape event strategy and content,

produce live events to deliver your brand message, create events to

capture peoples' attention, or just help find the right venue.